Safety first with the range of products available from The Tyre Equipment Company

Lincolnshire-based The Tyre Equipment Company supplies a range of heavy-duty workshop tyre inflation cages, and has recently added a new range of impact wrenches to meet customer requirements.

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Changing tyres can be a hazardous task and the use of a mesh-enclosed safety cage offers full protection from air blasts. All safety cages are available with free delivery.

The company has also introduced a new range of one inch Impact Wrenches from manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic. Both the CP7773 and the CP7783-6 are compact and powerful, with the CP7783-6 also weighing just 9.5kg.

Despite its light weight, it’s classed as a heavy-duty product and is suitable for all wheel changing applications. It can achieve a maximum reverse torque of 2,400Nm.

The CP7773 has a powerful motor and a durable clutch which makes it ideal for general maintenance applications and its reduced noise level adds to operator comfort. It can achieve a maximum torque of 1630Nm in reverse.