Yutong delivers 600 full-electrics to Harbin

Heilongjiang Harbin Transport Group Public Transportation Company has taken delivery of 600 10.5m full electric city buses from Yutong.

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They are the firm’s first full electric buses, which is also the largest order of this kind in Northeast China.

Speaking at a handover ceremony, Wang Shuqiang, Vice General Manager of Harbin Transport Group, says that Harbin is the northernmost capital city in China and has nearly a half year of winter season in the whole year.

Through the operation of the 600 buses, Mr Shuqiang hopes to build a new demonstration role in the bitter cold area in terms of the application of full electric city buses, and further enhance the image and level of the public transport service in Harbin together with Yutong, thus making new contributions to the improvement of Harbin's atmospheric environment.

Wan Xiaoguang, Party Secretary and Board Chairman of Harbin PT, says the firm now has about 3,000 vehicles with one third of them new energy buses, and Yutong buses account for about 30% of the new energy buses. After the arrival of the 600 full electric city buses, Yutong buses will become the “green major force” of the Harbin PT.

These buses are Yutong's upgraded energy products that boast improved and optimised performances in terms of battery energy density, safety, intelligence and comfort. Equipped with ReCtrl 4.0 system, the “3S + safety upgrade” and battery upgrade have been achieved that can better meet the operational needs of the bitter cold area.

Yutong began to sell full electric buses to Helongjiang province in September 2015. So far, it has delivered 2,271 new energy buses to the province with a market share of 40.1%. Among them, 1,600 are full-electric buses, covering 12 cities and one region (Daxinganling region) in Heilongjiang province.

The total volume of Yutong full electric city buses is now 2,200, with a market share high up to 47.3%, ranked first in Heilongjiang province in terms of the number of full electric buses.