ShuttleID offers BODS solution for smaller operators

ShuttleID BODS system

School bus pass and ticketing platform ShuttleID has worked with Pinpointers Vehicle Tracking to launch a low-cost system that it says will help smaller coach and bus operators to become compliant with the Bus Open Data Service (BODS) regulations.

Christened Bus Open Data Package, it is aimed at those that do not have ticket machines with BODS-compatible vehicle location feeds.

The platform works by combining that tracking data with TransXChange timetable data uploaded by the operator, before transforming into a SIRI-VM format and publishing to BODS.

ShuttleID recognised BODS closed-door controversy

Controversy was created by BODS in late 2020 after it was confirmed that the government required data relating to closed-door services to be published to the service.

ShuttleID Director Chris Bell says that it recognised that such a requirement may be difficult for some smaller operators, and that there seemed to be no solution to BODS other than for them to purchase ticket machines with the necessary capability.

“With a leading ticket machine, that could cost an operator as much as £5,800 per vehicle in their first year. Instead, our solution makes use of portable vehicle tracking devices and will cost just £160.” Operators were required by law to publish automatic vehicle location data on 7 January.

Low-cost solution with monthly charge and activation fee

Adds Pinpointers Sales Director Jon Pope: “We are delighted to be working with ShuttleID to help to solve this problem for operators of all sizes. Our aim was to create a low-cost solution that is simple to implement and compliant with the new regulations.

“We recognise that many operators might already have invested in a tracking solution. We are not looking to displace or replace that. Our portable ‘plug and play’ devices simply work alongside their existing system.

“However, operators with or without a tracking system will be able to access all of the features of the entry-level Pinpointers Go platform, which is included at no extra cost with the BODS-compliant package.”

The system is available for £10 per month per tracking device, with an activation fee of £40.