Ten-year Skills Challenge association for Allison Transmission shows the value of long-term support

East Yorkshire xFE 2019 Bus SOE

IRTE Skills Challenge sponsor Allison Transmission knows the value of long-term support. It has been sponsoring the competition since its inception and has seen it gain industry influence to become a hub for best practice and high standards in coach and bus.

Now, at a time when the industry can benefit from collaboration more than ever, Allison is offering that same long-term support to its end-users and manufacturers to help reduce costs. A major project that started in 2020 is the extra fuel economy (xFE) upgrade programme, which can boost operators’ fuel consumption and performance by automatically adjusting the transmission control to the load, speed and topography.

Jade Noble, Bus and Coach Market Development Manager at Allison Transmission, says: “We’re heavily engaged with the end-users and manufacturers and from those conversations, we developed the xFE upgrade programme to be deployed within the aftermarket.”

Compared to its existing model, the xFE offers a fuel saving of up to 7.13% in urban driving and 16% in rural environments.

“Operators’ priorities have perhaps changed over the last year so we’re offering a product with the latest technology that increases fuel economy, reduces CO2 emissions and decreases total cost of ownership. It’s being offered to fleets running 2100 series Allison Transmissions and will help operators make long-term savings.”

As the IRTE Skills Challenge celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2021, Allison can look back with pride at how much has been achieved with its support.

Adds Ms Noble: “It’s a proud moment for us to say that we’ve been there from the very beginning and to witness first-hand the growing influence of the Skills Challenge.

“To see so many young people and, from a personal perspective, so many women take up the challenge, is particularly pleasing. It’s a perfect way for us to show our support for the future of the industry.”

To enter the competition, or to find out more, email Patrycja.plawna@soe.org.uk