Teng Tools prizes the perfect reward for winning at the IRTE Skills Challenge

Teng Tools

Taking part in the IRTE Skills Challenge competition for apprentices and technicians takes courage and ambition, so it is appropriate that winners are rewarded with special prizes.

This year, all winners at the 10th anniversary IRTE Skills Challenge will take home a set of new tools courtesy of the competition’s premium sponsor, Teng Tools. They will be presented with their new tools at the awards ceremony at the Williams F1 centre in October.

“For us, we pride ourselves on always supporting the next generation of tool users. It is a great opportunity for us to show the quality of our tools to an audience who can benefit from them. We do not do it to generate sales, we do it to strike a lifetime partnership with users helping them get things done more efficiently, saving time and money,” says Phil Farrell, Marketing Services at Teng Tools.

Working on the maintenance of the modern-day coach and bus takes a high level of skill, so it can make a big difference to have a set of reliable tools at your disposal when you need them.

“Using Teng Tools organises your workflow for greater capability, readiness, and performance,” adds Phil. “The tools and the ‘get organised’ concept help technicians to perform at their best every day. Every tool has its specific place in each tool kit, so you know exactly where the right tool is at the right time. The tools have been tested in the toughest environments so you know they are products that you can rely on.

“It is important for us to be there supporting young people who are learning new things and pushing themselves to be the best they can be. We support their drive to achieve their goals and hope that we can build strong relationships with users that will last a lifetime.”

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