Wrightbus to offer factory-integrated Wheely-Safe tech

Wheely Safe technology to be an optional extra on all new Wrightbus vehicles

Wrightbus will offer Wheely-Safe technology as a factory-integrated optional extra on all its new buses going forwards after it incorporated the product into the prototype battery-electric StreetDeck Electroliner.

The seed StreetDeck Electroliner is also the first bus to display the tyre pressure monitoring system, wheel loss and brake temperature alerts generated by Wheely-Safe directly to the dashboard binnacle, rather than via the supplier’s standard in-cab receiver.

That is “a major step forward for our technology,” says Wheely-Safe Managing Director Steve Jackson. He adds that for OEM fitment, it was always the supplier’s ambition to have driver alerts displayed via the dash. “Lots of our customers have been asking for this solution and it is great to see it work so effectively on the StreetDeck Electroliner.”

Wrightbus Director of Engineering Dr Robert Best says that fitting Wheely-Safe to the StreetDeck Electroliner and integrating it into the dash binnacle “was very straightforward.”

The StreetDeck Electroliner debuted in June. It promises a range of up to 200 miles when equipped with 454kW/h of energy storage. The manufacturer claims that it can be recharged in less than three hours.