Dundee and West Midlands team up for success

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Xplore Dundee operated a successful Park & Ride service at The Open at Carnoustie, carrying more than four times the population of Carnoustie itself to and from the golf championship.

The operator teamed up with National Express colleagues from the West Midlands to deliver the service from the practice days right through to the closure of the competition. Spectators were provided with buses running every five minutes from two sites on the outskirts of the town to a drop-off/pick-up point at Kinloch Street. 

Just over 90,000 journeys were made across the whole week, equating to around 45,000 passengers. 

Managing Director of Xplore Dundee Christine McGlasson says: “I am extremely proud of the whole Xplore Dundee and West Midlands team for what we have all achieved at The Open in Carnoustie.”