VW Transporter is supported by Koller items

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Koller’s range of restraints are suitable for the VW T5 and T6 Caravelle

Restraint specialist Koller has designed the first commercially-available fittings exclusively for the T5 and T6 Caravelle members of the Volkswagen Transporter range.

The dynamic Excel Aries combined wheelchair and passenger restraint has been specifically designed to fit existing rails in both models, allowing the vehicles to become wheelchair-friendly simply by removing or repositioning rear passenger seats.

Says Koller Sales Manager Andrew Nurrish: “The Caravelle is a popular choice for conversion to wheelchair use. It is very versatile with a wide choice of adaptation options and configurations. That means it meets most users’ requirements.”

Crash tested to ISO 10542, the Excel Aries has several benefits. Perhaps most notably, no vehicle modifications are required.

The range also includes the Titus passenger harness for maximum comfort and safety. Over-centre buckle straps give maximum adjustability and tensioning, while static front straps offer easy wheelchair alignment.