Arrival launches battery-electric bus

London-based urban sustainability business Arrival has unveiled a battery-electric bus that it says can be assembled in ‘microfactories’ worldwide.

Arrival adds that the bus offers an “exceptional passenger experience” and comes with features that promote a perception of space, cleanliness and wellbeing. The first Arrival bus is a left-hand drive model with single rear wheels, a video taken at Millbrook Proving Ground shows.

Technical details of the bus have not yet been made public, but the manufacturer says that it can be offered in various lengths. They start at 10.5m and grow in 1.5m increments to 15m. Depending on specifications, the maximum capacity of the bus will be 125. Range is promised to be up to 400km, dependent on journey cycle.

Arrival’s literature shows the potential to install a large rearward-facing passenger information display in the bulkhead behind the driver. Information screens can also be installed as part of the coving panels of the fully low-floor bus, animations show.

The Arrival battery-electric bus forms part of what the manufacturer calls an integrated public transportation ecosystem. That also includes cars for sharing, taxis, delivery robots and charging infrastructure.

Arrival says it is currently in discussions with several operators and cities regarding its electric bus.