Battery-electric e-Cityline part of EVM minibus range upgrade

EVm eCityline part of wider model improvements

EVM has announced a host of upgrades to its Cityline low-floor minibus, including addition of the battery-electric e-Cityline, a reduction in weight, increased passenger capacity and Low Emission Bus (LEB) certification of the diesel model.

The work has been carried out to leverage the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based Cityline’s ongoing success, says EVM Sales and Marketing Director Peter Flynn. More of the type within the market “has given us a unique opportunity to listen to our customers and work with them to develop solutions that make the Cityline an even better fit for their organisations.”

EVM e-Cityline: 115kW/h batteries and 124-mile range

The e-Cityline will debut in May. Mr Flynn says that EVM will submit the model for certification as an Ultra-Low Emission Bus “immediately” after that. The e-Cityline will have 115kW/h of energy storage. Modelling has shown that will deliver a range of 124 miles.

EVM e-Cityline to be launched in May
Besides addition of a zero-emission driveline option, EVM has carried out other improvement work on its Cityline low-floor minibus range

Three NMC battery packs will be fitted, spread between the engine bay and beneath the body. Charging time is 2.5hrs using a DC charger.

EVM says the batteries have a life of 2,500 cycles. A 150kW drive motor will be mounted ahead of the rear axle.

EVM adds that the motor is of a type that is most efficient at lower speeds. It delivers 93% efficiency at 70km/h, and the e-Cityline can reach 100km/h.

In addition to the e-Cityline, Mr Flynn adds that EVM is keenly pursuing other zero-emission developments. “We will have a complete range of electric solutions for all of our current line-up, and indeed for our forthcoming models in 2021. We have a steep development curve mapped to make zero-emission a real choice for our customers, no matter what the application.”

LEB certification of the diesel Cityline has been achieved following testing at Millbrook Proving Ground. The Cityline is thus now eligible for the 6p/km Low Carbon Emission Bus uplift to BSOG payments, or in Scotland, for a 5p/km LEB incentive above the standard 14.4p/km core rate, when used on eligible work.

Lighter weight, more passengers, bigger fuel tank for diesels

Another change to the Cityline is an addition of a new low-floor structure. That change was a starting point for the weight saving exercise that has enabled an increase in capacity to 25 passengers, made up of 18 seated and seven standing.

EVM eCityline among other improvements to range
The EVM Cityline range has been taken up by various operators for demand-responsive work and lower-volume fixed-route services

That increase takes the Cityline “above the typical capacity for tendered routes,” says Mr Flynn.

He adds that a new minibus model is in the pipeline that will further increase capacity beyond 25. The Cityline’s fuel tank has also been expanded to 93 litres from the previous 75.

The Cityline can now also be certified as PSVAR compliant. While that has not been a consideration for many minibuses, adoption of the Cityline for more registered service work has made it relevant, the OEM says.

In further developments relevant to the Cityline, EVM continues to offer an optional five-year chassis warranty on its complete range of Sprinter-based products, while its aftersales and support network continues to grow.

Mr Flynn advises that a stock of completed Citylines is held. They are available for delivery in as little as three or four days.