White Paper: Overcoming the drive train maintenance challenges of hybrid buses

drive train maintenance
Modern red double decker bus, London, England, United Kingdom

This free to download White Paper provides bus & coach owners, operators and engineers with an overview of the repair and maintenance requirements and challenges for hybrid electric vehicles. Complete the form below to access the file.

With the sector facing increasing pressures to reduce emissions and invest in alternative propulsion, the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles is only set to grow. The difference in technology from standard diesel buses means that this new generation of vehicles poses challenges that those responsible for their upkeep might not be familiar with.

This White Paper will highlight some of the key differences on the drive train of hybrid buses and the challenges of maintaining their electro mechanical assets.

  • Understanding the differences between diesel and electric hybrid drive trains
  • Why operators are seeking an alternative to OEM maintenance
  • Challenges of hybrid electric drive train maintenance
  • Addressing a lack of maintenance schedules and specifications
  • What to look for in a maintenance partner

The maintenance challenges of this new generation of drive train technologies can leave operators beholden to OEMs for servicing and support for key assets such as traction motors, alternators and generators. However, this isn’t the only option available.

Houghton International offers longstanding expertise in repairs, maintenance and life extension for the transport sector. With over 35 years of electro mechanical engineering experience, we provide a high quality, cost-effective service whilst operating completely independently from any OEM.

For further information about the maintenance, repair and life extension of traction motors, generators, alternators and all other electro mechanical asset, download the whitepaper or contact Houghton International.

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