Praise for Bakers Dolphin drivers as Bristol ambulance partnership ends

Some of the Bakers Dolphin team who have been driving ambulances for the past 14 months

Twenty Bakers Dolphin drivers have returned from their Bristol ambulance duties to great appreciation.

The drivers have spent the past 14 months on patient transport duties with Bristol Ambulance Emergency Medical Services in St Phillips, Bristol, after the lockdown restrictions forced the company to temporarily suspend services. Now they are returning to work as the tourism sector prepares to reopen on 17 May.

Rob Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of Bristol Ambulance EMS, says their contribution has been invaluable.

“Throughout their time with us, the performance, care, empathy and professionalism of the drivers from Bakers Dolphin has been exemplary, and everybody at Bristol Ambulance would like to say a huge, heartfelt thank you for the supportive resilience they provided us with in what, at times, could only be described as a war zone,” he says.

Sales and Marketing Director for Bakers Dolphin Amanda Harrington adds: “Our team already had knowledge of the area, excellent driver skills and superb customer service skills, so the drivers only needed a little specialist training before they were able to support the ambulance teams.

“As proud of them as we are, we are even more delighted to now have them back as they get ready to get back to doing what they enjoy most – providing miles of smiles for our customers as we are finally able to start running day-trips and holidays again.”