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May 17 2017
By Mel Holley

Mel is the Editor at routeONE magazine. He has more than 30 years’ experience in road and rail transport journalism.

Is it time to take the plunge?

Coaches are great, and coach businesses are great too. It’s a simple message that the industry has been quietly saying for many years.

But how easy is it to spread the message among potential customers?

Marketing is an obvious answer. But, as some of the country’s top-flight operators demonstrate, you don’t need to spend huge amounts of cash on it.

Indeed, the current social climate is well suited to local promotion, thanks to a general backlash against multi-national corporations, and recognition by the public of the value of locally-owned and run businesses.

Most coach operators fit directly into this category and you’ll not find it hard to name a dozen or so well-known coaching names that are respected within our industry and by their customers.

The savvy operator knows that adding value to a private hire – such as working with the client to plan the best itinerary – means repeat business is more likely and a fruitful relationship can develop.

Some operators manage to meld a number of the magic ingredients together, and that’s when it becomes a winning formula.

Are you ready to dive in, take the plunge and make a splash?

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