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March 15 2017
By The Routeone Team

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'In response to Transdev'

Thank you for highlighting the problems we are having with Transdev regarding publicity in Harrogate in the last issue of routeone. I read their response with interest, and would like to correct it.

It states that they 'work very hard to co-operate with Connexionsbuses to reach a sensible level of co-operation to benefit customers'. I'm not sure how they expect to do this when they won't even communicate with us.

We've tried to set up joint ticketing on routes that we share, even trying to communicate through NYCC, but to no avail. This would not only benefit both companies, but also all the customers.

On four occasions across four different routes in the past two years, Transdev has timed services a few minutes in front of our existing ones, which either operated to destinations not served by any operator before, or replaced those taken off by Transdev previously. In my view, this isn't conducive to be classed as co-operating to the benefit of customers.

The current situation with the publicity is that they have sent us some cases to put up, although most of the stops that our publicity was removed from won't take two cases as there isn't room. Had they repositioned ours on their new publicity as it has been for the last four years, there wouldn't have been a problem – perhaps co-operating with us may have been the way forward!

Craig Temple

Managing Director


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