Cummins launches Accelera brand for zero-emission

Cummins has launched the Accelera by Cummins brand. It captures the OEM’s zero-emission solutions, including those from the battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell-electric spheres as part of “a diverse portfolio” of such technologies.

Accelera represents “a significant step forward” in Cummins’ work to achieve its Destination Zero strategy. The brand will advance solutions including batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, electric axles, electrolysers and traction systems.

Cummins adds that over the past several years, it has invested over US$1.5 billion in research and development and capital and acquisitions to build Accelera’s leadership team and its technological capabilities.

“Accelera is now a global leader in zero-emissions technologies, providing battery-electric and [hydrogen] fuel cell-electric solutions across commercial and industrial applications with hundreds of electrolysers generating hydrogen around the world today,” the OEM says in a statement.

Amy Davis has been appointed President of Accelera. She has led Cummins’ New Power business unit since 2020 and has been with the business for over a quarter of a century.

Commenting on the new brand, Cummins President and CEO Jennifer Rumsey says: “Achieving our goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 requires leveraging our entire portfolio of businesses.

“As we have continued to lead in and advance the engine-based solutions that power our customers’ businesses, we have also built the broadest combination of zero-emissions technologies dedicated to the commercial vehicle industry, like battery-electric and fuel cell-electric powertrain solutions and electrolysers for green hydrogen production.

“Establishing Accelera reinforces our commitment to leading in zero-emissions solutions and highlights our unmatched ability to leverage our deep understanding of our customers’ needs and applications, technical expertise and extensive services and support network to walk hand-in-hand with our customers throughout the energy transition.”

Among the projects that Accelera by Cummins is already working on is one with US manufacturer Blue Bird to accelerate the production of 1,000 battery-electric school buses over the next 12-18 months. Accelera will also continue to build on existing Cummins zero-emission work, including powering 52 hydrogen fuel cell-electric buses in Shanghai.