RATP Dev Transit London JV begins operation

RAT Dev Transit London JV launched on 13 December 2021

RATP Dev Transit London, a joint venture between RATP Dev UK and Tower Transit in West London, commenced operation on 13 December.

It was first announced in September and operates under the existing London Sovereign and London United brands and the newly created London Transit identity. The latter has captured the Tower Transit operation from Westbourne Park depot. Tower Transit’s other depot in London, Lea Interchange near Leyton, does not form part of the arrangement.

Collectively 1,250 buses on 112 routes form part of the JV. It is estimated that 300 of those will be battery-electric by the end of 2022. The business is led by Managing Director Frank Fullick, who previously held the same position with RATP Dev London. He has underlined a point made when the tie-up was first announced that it will enable synergies between the two businesses to be leveraged as fleet electrification gathers pace.

In a statement, the JV adds that operators in the capital’s bus market “are experiencing stringent pressures on prices and on volumes” presently. It notes that increased energy-, employment- and COVID-19-related costs represent further complications.

“Under these difficult conditions, the company feels that size, a stronger footprint, best practice exchanges and increased efficiencies are the way forward.”