Watermill Coaches adds Mercedes-Benz Tourismo pair

Watermill Coaches Mercedes Benz Tourismo additions

Watermill Coaches of Fraserburgh has taken delivery of a pair of Mercedes-Benz Tourismo additions, supplied by EvoBus (UK). Each is built to 12m length and seats 53 passengers. 

Transport Manager Raymond Clark says that the new vehicles form an important element of the Aberdeenshire operator’s plans for growth. They both carry cherished registration marks. 

“The Tourismos are very versatile coaches that will suit our requirements for operational expansion, particularly for long distance work,” Mr Clark continues. 

“They have proved to be an instant hit with drivers and passengers alike. Our drivers appreciate the build quality of the vehicles while our passengers praise the comfort. We are always looking towards the future and investing in the right vehicles is a crucial part of our long-term business plans.” 

Watermill Coaches has been part of the industry since 1979 and its new Tourismo deliveries join a varied fleet that in seating capacity terms extends from seven to 70.