Passenger Plus has completed the delivery if its first five online Driver CPC (DCPC) training sessions to its staff.

Mark Drury, Managing Director of the Kent-based operator, notes that virtual delivery of the training has quickly proved its value.

Because of that, he would welcome the temporary dispensation allowing online DCPC being made permanent. Current DVSA advice is that it will expire on 12 June.

“I believe that virtual training makes DCPC much easier and cheaper to deliver, which can only be a good think,” says Mr Drury, who adds that driver feedback has been “excellent.”

“We would certainly welcome the opportunity of doing DCPC training online after the current ‘lockdown’ ends. Our staff are spread out over a large geographical area. It is nice to get drivers who work at different sites on the same virtual course. It is great for sharing experiences across the company.”

Passenger Plus shares online DCPC content via Zoom. Training is delivered by Operations Manager Scott Rattle. “We love technology, so this was a no-brainer for us,” Mr Drury continues. “Currently we are limiting delegates to 10 per course to enable lots of interaction between them and the trainer.

“We are very excited to enable training to continue during the ‘lockdown’ period and we are now confident that virtual delivery of DCPC is as good as when done in a classroom.” Passenger Plus is amenable to talking to other operators who may wish to involve their drivers in its online training on a commercial basis.

The sessions involve quizzes, including a ‘rapid fire’ round at the end of each section that is completed by participants via their phones. They are pitted against each other to create an element of friendly competition.

Passenger Plus worked in partnership with Pride Training to gain approval from JAUPT.