How valued do you make your staff feel?

Do your staff feel valued? That’s a question that only they can answer, but you have to ask them first.

While some may be of the type who would complain that a gold bar they found is too heavy, a brief vox pop will give food for thought regardless of what the general consensus is.

It will also give an idea of what your business needs to focus on for future success. Drivers are at the coalface. They see what is happening there every day. Engineers are aware of any challenges or difficulties in their sphere, and so it continues with operations staff.

Employees’ happiness (or otherwise) in their work will relate directly to their performance. And that translates to how the company performs, so keeping them engaged is key.

What’s unlikely to lead to a positive culture among employees is management that is perceived as being out of touch, either figuratively or literally.

Make yourself available to staff. One coach operator regularly eats with his drivers in a portacabin that acts as the canteen and mess room. He reports that it is often the most valuable part of his day.

Investing in those same staff to develop their skills is another significant way in which to show that they are valued.

It costs money, but if it improves morale then the expense will be recaptured as staff will feel more a part of the business. They will help you in your hour of need, they will be more likely to go the extra mile for customers, and they will be less likely to cry off sick on a cold January morning.

If you value your staff, they will value you – just as the opposite is true.