Gender diversity ‘remains an issue for the transport industry’

Transport industry gender diversity research

The transport industry is still struggling to get to grips with gender diversity, two reports issued on or before International Women’s Day on 8 March have shown.

Research conducted by Search Consultancy shows that 63% of managers in transport believe that the sector suffers from the problem. That puts transport in second to bottom place among the 17 industries surveyed in terms of a perceived lack of gender diversity. Only construction, on 68%, came in worse.

In addition to concerns around gender diversity, 57% of managers in the transport industry also believe that their business lacks racial diversity and 52% accept that age diversity is an issue. 57% believe that a more diverse workforce would help to resolve skills shortages in the transport sector.

On a slightly more positive note, work by the International Road Transport Union has shown that the share of female coach and bus drivers in Europe grew to 16% of the field in 2020, up from 10% in 2019. That contrasts with the number of women HGV drivers, who account for less than 2% of the overall pool.

Of all the businesses surveyed by Search, 60% said that a more diverse workforce would help to resolve the skills shortage in their industry. One in five said that it would help significantly.