ADL Enviro400ER receives ULEB certification


The zero-emissions capable Alexander Dennis (ADL) Enviro400 Electric Range (ER) has been fully certified as an Ultra Low Emission Bus (ULEB) by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership.

Launched in 2019, the Enviro400ER is capable of running in zero-emission mode for up to three miles. It uses an electric driveline developed in partnership with BAE systems and is powered by a 32kW/h battery pack charged by an onboard generator. Compared to a Euro VI diesel bus of equivalent passenger capacity, ADL reports a saving of 31% in well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions over the UK bus cycle.

The certificate means the Enviro400ER joins the Enviro 200EV and 400EV battery-electric buses and the Enviro400H diesel-hybrid buses in ULEB accreditation in ADL’s stable. Accreditation is required for the Department for Transport to release funds to winning bidders in the ULEB scheme.

Group Engineering Director at ADL Ken Scott says: “The Enviro400ER’s certification as Ultra Low Emission Bus confirms our position as one of the UK’s leading supplier of green buses. Capable of zero-emission operation, the Enviro400ER delivers immediate carbon savings and air quality benefits that can be further enhanced by the stepwise introduction of charging infrastructure.”

Adds Ian Wilson, Business Development of Power and Propulsion Solutions at BAE Systems: “Hybrid electric drive remains a key technology on the UK’s journey to achieve net zero emissions, and our ultra-low emission Series-ER drivetrain represents the very latest technology development in this area.”