Alfa Travel has completed a case study on its use of the Aura Air filtering, disinfecting and monitoring system, which has been deployed across the Chorley operator’s fleet of 48 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo coaches.

Based on the success of the system with Alfa Travel and other coach operators, Aura Air is now working with routeone to offer readers an industry-leading discount on the product.

Four-week trial demonstrates Aura Air results to Alfa Travel

The trial with Alfa Travel lasted for four weeks. It was intended to provide the operator with quantitative information on Aura Air’s effectiveness in cleaning the air inside a coach while it is occupied by passengers.

Aura Air filtration and disinfection product

In particular, the study examined the product’s ability to remove the fine aerosol droplets that are transmitted in passengers’ breath and which can carry coronavirus COVID-19.

The case study shows that various PM2.5 and PM10 peaks were detected by the system. All those peaks were reduced to below a level of 20μg/m3 within five minutes. Those droplets will otherwise ‘float’ in the cabin for up to 30min if they are not destroyed or removed.

Aura Air’s system has seven sensors that monitor various parameters – including PM2.5 and PM10 levels – every 10 seconds. Passengers can download an app that enables them to see those measurements in real time. The system also has an add-on dashboard that allows operators to monitor sensor readings remotely.

Alfa Travel has mounted the filter above the drinks area in its coaches, although other configurations are available. Some other customers’ vehicles have two such units.

Industry-leading discount available to routeone readers

The Lancashire company was the first UK coach operator to take the Aura Air product. “After searching what was becoming a very confusing market in the summer, with companies making lots of claims, it was clear that the Aura Air filter was the only solution,” says Operations Director Paul Bull.

“Aura Air not only sucks away and destroys the virus, but it provides us with the ability to monitor particle levels.” Data was extracted from the online dashboard for the purpose of the case study.

Aura Air has sold nearly 100 units to coach operators in the UK over the past month. It is now offering a 12.5% discount on the product to readers of routeone until 31 December. To access the discount, readers should download the case study document.

The Aura Air unit is a low energy consumption product that uses an existing 24v DC power line via a simple and low-cost 24v to 12v converter. Each unit can clean 70m3 of air five times per hour.