Anthonys Travel

Anthony’s Travel will be the first operator to take delivery of an all-new MOBIpeople model, which will be built on the MAN RR2 chassis.

The Runcorn operator was among a number of buyers of the now-discontinued Barbi Galileo that were selected by BASE Coach Sales to work with MOBIpeople. They have visited the Coimbra factory in Portugal. There, they worked with the manufacturer’s designers on a suitable replacement for the Galileo.

Anthony’s Travel helps to ‘create a model for the future’

The project represents “a bid to take the best of the Barbi and build a model for the future,” says Anthony’s Travel Managing Partner Richard Bamber. Anthony’s runs four Galileos, which Mr Bamber says are popular among customers and drivers.

“The versatility and reliability of the coaches has been amazing. We have been able to offer our customers something truly different. Only a small group of operators run the Barbi, but all have similar feedback. We all want more of them.”

“A series of designs with modifications and styling changes were sent to each party for comment. Over a period, we came up with a coach that we feel will take the spirit of the Galileo into the next decade,” adds Mr Bamber.

The MOBIpeople for Anthony’s Travel will be a 12.5m, 36-seat sports team specification Club Class example. It is due to enter service in March 2020. BASE has orders for the model from two other customers and says it can offer a PSVAR compliant variant.#

New body ‘will be bespoke with individuality’

BASE General Manager Nick Dodgson adds that the new model will be “a bespoke, niche vehicle with real individuality.”

“Richard is a well-known and respected member of the coaching community. Having another family business want to work so closely with us has been great.”

Barbi is currently concentrating on producing smaller vehicles, hence MOBIpeople taking on responsibility for building the top-end full-sized coach.