Foxwood Travel launched in group and coach tourism market

Tour wholesaler Foxwood Travel has been founded by Jason Tapper. It will specialise in the group and coach tourism market, offering what Foxwood says is “a tailored service to coach operators and group travel providers.” 

Mr Tapper is a former employee of tour wholesaler Independent Coach Travel (ICT), which was part of Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV). He worked for ICT until it entered administration earlier this year as a victim of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Relationships built with coach tour operators during his five years with ICT will play a part in the growth of Foxwood Travel. 

“Immediately following the closure of CMV and ICT, conversations with many of those operators gave me the push, and the confidence, to start up on my own,” says Mr Tapper. 

Foxwood’s first brochure has been completed and the company has launched a website. It offers a range of itineraries in the UK and continental Europe that can be tailored to suit an operator’s requirements. 

While the current time may seem to be an odd one during which to launch a new business, Mr Tapper says that the response from the coach industry has been positive. 

“After spending many years offering a range of first-class tours through ICT, I am now feeling enthused and looking forward to working closely with coach operators and group travel operators as holiday travel starts to open up again.”