Go-Ahead Ireland starts asset management work with Freeway

Go-Ahead Ireland and Freeway working together

Go-Ahead Ireland has commenced work with Freeway Fleet Systems to build a core asset management system built around the supplier’s software. The IT integration programme will “transform” the business’s oversight of its fleet, plant and equipment and deliver comprehensive insight into the costs of running them.

Through an initial implementation in late 2018, Freeway has already been integrated with Go-Ahead’s core financial and bus operations systems, Oracle and uTrack. Development work is now concentrating on capturing live data from drivers and vehicles.

That involves integration with data terminals running a first use check app from Tranzaura and data feeds from vehicles via theur CAN bus systems using the Stratio interface. Wheel loss prevention system Wheely-Safe is also being trialled by Go-Ahead Ireland to gather wheel and tyre pressure data via Stratio.

The operator says that with the consolidation of data, it will have a standard set of outputs that open significant potential for business analytics. Freeway provides a series of standard reports, but for more in-depth analysis, its exports to Microsoft’s Power BI data visualisation platform.

Work with Freeway is part of Go-Ahead Ireland’s shift from reactive maintenance to a proactive approach. Predictive systems are thus necessary to prevent failures before they occur, and the Freeway platform synchronises workshop tablets with the central asset management system to give live data on all defects and vehicle status.

Says Go-Ahead Ireland Engineering Director Chris Stringer: “By introducing the latest digital technologies and integrating all our systems, we are gaining a one-click view of every part of the operation.

“As we go along, we suddenly realise that there are very significant unforeseen benefits of this integration. The ultimate aim is to understand costs and, with a mixed fleet of older and newer buses as well as diesel, diesel-electric hybrid and new electric models, gaining a comprehensive insight into lifecycle costs is our objective.

“We can then make better informed decisions using what we feel will be the bus industry’s most comprehensive management information system.”

In addition to fleet management, Go-Ahead Ireland uses Freeway to handle 1,100 assets such as ticket machines, workshop equipment, GPS trackers and others. Inspections are scheduled by Freeway and staff use tablets to ID scan each asset before completing digital reports.