Neoplan Tourliner with MAN OptiView: First examples arrive

Neoplan Tourliner fitted with MAN OptiView

MAN Truck and Bus UK has received its first two Neoplan Tourliner coaches fitted with the OptiView rear-view camera system. Both were ordered as demonstrators: One is a P10 two-axle and the other is a P20 three axle.

The P10 was sold within days of arrival to Go Goodwins, but the P20 remains available for assessment by operators. In addition to OptiView, it comes with the AttentionGuard safety system. That works with the lane departure warning provision to detect ‘wandering’ that may be caused by a lack of concentration.

The P20 also has adaptive cruise control with stop/go functionality for periods stationary of two seconds or less. Under the bonnet is the D26 engine developing 510bhp and 2,600Nm of torque. It is the most powerful Tourliner yet delivered to the UK and that grunt is harnessed by a ZF Traxon 12-speed automated manual gearbox

55 Kiel Avance X passenger seats with real leather inserts are fitted, while the cab comes with an upgraded Isringhausen position for the driver that has a fan within its base. Both OptiView-equipped Tourliners have been specified as PSVAR compliant ex-factory. The P20 has a Hübner lift mounted above the drive axle and it has space for two wheelchair users.

Undoubtedly the most intriguing element of the coaches is OptiView. It utilises two cameras on each side within ‘box’ units that use the same mounting points as conventional mirrors. Two basic examples of the latter are provided as ‘get me home’ contingency, and MAN’s plant in Ankara has developed a bespoke storage place for them within the luggage bay to keep them out of harm’s way as best as possible.

An upright display on each of the A-pillars shows the respective feed from each of those camera units, which is corrected by software. A standard and a wide-angle image is presented on each. routeone was this week able to drive the P20. Below are some pictures of this coach; a fuller review of the MAN OptiView driving experience will be published in the May issue. Click on each to enlarge or to scroll through the collection.