Aura Air filter tackles COVID-19 virus in vehicles

Aura Air has unveiled what it describes as a unique air disinfection and purification filter unit to help the fight against coronavirus COVID-19 in vehicles. It is ceiling-mounted and can be retrofitted to existing coaches and buses thanks to its low power draw of no more than 30W.

The product uses both UV-C light and two patented technologies to kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. A copper inlay is built into the Ray-Filter and a Sterionizer is targeted at significantly reducing mould, bacteria, fungus and MRSA.

In addition, a HEPA filter reduces CO2 and removes both fine and large pollution, pollen particulates, volatile organic compounds from burnt fuels and odours. The manufacturer says that as a result, 99.9% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns as removed from the air as it passes through the unit.

The unit has been trialled in Sheba Medical Hospital in Israel and Aura Air claims that it is the only filter product that has been tested for its effectiveness in removing COVID-19.

Aura Air filter

Aura Air also offers with a smart phone app (pictured, right) that shows the level of aerosol particles in the vehicle cabin in real time when the unit is connected to wi-fi.

If a passenger coughs or sneezes, the level can be seen to spike. It then drops as the particles are absorbed by the filter. Additionally, where multiple vehicles are equipped with the Aura Air filter unit, the operator can utilise a desktop dashboard to monitor air quality across its fleet.

The product measures 37.5×37.5x15cm. It uses 240v, via either an existing power supply on the coach or through the use of an inverter.

The 30W of power draw is at full fan speed, meaning that the unit can be left running when the vehicle is parked. Each installation can purify a 120m3 coach or bus by passing that volume of air through the filter 2.5 times per hour.

The only service requirement is that the doughnut-shaped filter module is changed every six months. It is a simple task that can be done easily. The unit can also act as a fire detector when it is connected to wi-fi.

The Aura Air product is available to buy with no minimum quantity. It is also offered on a £25 per month rental package. That price includes the provision of a replacement filter every six months.