Drivers’ licence mandates renewal due soon: Licence Check

Licence Check issues reminder to check and reissue driver mandate forms

The need for operators to renew permission from many drivers – both vocational and otherwise – to access their licence details with DVLA has been highlighted by Licence Check as the third anniversary of GDPR’s introduction on 25 May approaches.

GDPR meant that it was necessary to re-mandate all drivers to allow the employer to gain access to their DVLA records. The supplier says that a “significant proportion” of driver permissions will expire and need to be renewed this year. Licence Check expects that the rate will spike by 200% in June because of the GDPR anniversary.

Changes to DVLA rules and increased automation have expanded the number of methods available to capture driver authorisations. No longer is a signed paper mandate required. Instead, the task can be completed virtually.

“Licence checking software has come a long way. Many providers, including ourselves, now offer several ways to obtain driver permission, most of which are fully digital,” says Licence Check Senior Developer James Povah.

Through its DAVIS application, Licence Check now offers five, and soon six, methods to capture and record driver permissions. The supplier says that the most popular way of doing so via DAVIS is e-Permission. The process is managed entirely by the platform and it requires little input. DAVIS auto-generates emails to drivers asking for their agreement. It also offers a traditional paper-based mandate.

Adds Licence Check General Manager Terry Hiles: “It’s important for operators to prepare to re-mandate drivers and to get a good understanding of their driver data now, so that they can plan ahead and avoid a last-minute rush before the existing permission expires.”