SureCam unveils dashcam rental model

Connected dashcam technology and video monitoring provider SureCam has introduced a rental model.

It means users can bundle hardware and software into one monthly payment, allowing small and medium operators to access the cost-saving advantages of video monitoring, the firm says.

“The initial start-up cost for connected dashcams has historically been prohibitive for small and midsize fleets,” says SureCam UK Managing Director Justin White. “That was holding smaller businesses back from adopting technology that has been proven to reduce the overall number of safety incidence and claims costs.”

Through SureCam’s rental model, a monthly fee is paid to remotely access event-triggered video in real time. In addition, SureCam’s online platform puts fleet risk reporting, vehicle location tracking and history trip reporting at operators’ fingertips.

Users also have the option of utilising SureCam’s live monitoring services to cover fleets with 24/7 reporting.

The benefits of a rental model are clear, says Justin. There are no prohibitive upfront costs and the cameras are covered by a lifetime warranty. Hardware, software and data subscription are all captured within the monthly fee.