TCs and operators – recognise the value in a good TM


In one Mike Jewell’s legal columns, he reported that ‘after expressing concern about (the Transport Manager’s (TM’s) level of payment, the Deputy Traffic Commissioner (said) that the person concerned would need contracted employment with a minimum wage of £25,000 a year’.

I feel that the Deputy Traffic Commissioner missed an opportunity here to emphasise to operators and the wider industry that Transport Managers are rarely paid what they are worth.

£25,000 approximates to £12,01 per hour for a 40-hour week. Many operators pay similar rates (or more) to their drivers.

However, their drivers are not expected to handle the level of responsibility that the operator, industry and the Traffic Commissioners (TCs) expect.

If one driver incurs an infringement worthy of a public inquiry, the TC will invariably question the TM’s repute.

Where then is the incentive for a good TM to undertake his role and the TC’s undertakings for up to 50 vehicles and 100 drivers, when they can receive similar pay driving just one of those vehicles?

The TM has spent significant time and money ensuring that their knowledge and experience exceeds that of most of the drivers they work with, but is paid a similar wage.

TCs can remove a TM’s career with one stroke of a pen, and can criticise their repute for minor issues and oversights.

TCs expect a lot from their TMs so where repute is maintained, can TCs also emphasise to operators and the industry in general their value – and that they should be paid accordingly?