HJS delivers bus retrofit program in Northern Ireland

HJS Emission Technology, in partnership with Translink and Technical Transport Products (TTP), has successfully completed a retrofit bus exhaust emission reduction program across 105 buses in Northern Ireland.

The program involved retrofitting HJS SCRT exhaust technology to Volvo B7RLE and B9TL single and double-deck city buses, upgrading Translink’s older vehicles from Euro IV and V to Euro VI emission standards.

The installation process required moving each bus from its depot location to TTP’s technical installation facility in Ballymena. To complete the project within the required timescale, a significant amount of coordination was required between all parties involved. Ben Parsons, Project Manager at HJS UK, noted that the project was “rather challenging” and required close adherence to timescales with “regular scheduled kit deliveries from Germany to TTP in Ballymena.”

Technical Project Manager Dave McAllistair from TTP adds that the project was a “high profile” one and the team was pleased to have been selected by HJS. Mr McAllistair states that TTP had “vast experience working on similar vehicles” and worked closely with HJS UK to ensure that kits and buses were delivered, installed and returned to service as quickly as possible.

The HJS SCRT system is fully certified and has been retrofitted to over 4,500 city buses operating throughout the UK. The system consists of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) in combination with an SCR catalyst and an AdBlue injection system, which reduces tailpipe emissions to standards comparable to Euro VI levels. Once registered, each vehicle equipped with the system can access all UK cities that have implemented a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) without having to pay a daily charge.

Translink’s William Campbell praised the project, stating that it was aimed at improving the air quality in the city centre and surrounding areas for the benefit of the people who live, work and visit Belfast. He added that Translink selected HJS as its partner for the project due to the high quality and reliability of the product, and the company’s competitive pricing in the retrofit market. He also praises HJS for partnering with TTOP, a professional installation partner that efficiently completed installations across multiple sites.

HJS’ SCRT can be supplied with the HJS telematics system, which provides live and historical system status and performance data. The telematics system is fully integrated with the vehicles original on-board diagnostics system and can pinpoint the vehicle’s location. The data is then uploaded to a cloud-based platform which can be accessed by operators and local authorities 24 hours per day.