Providing clear information is key to enhancing passenger experience

With upcoming legislation requiring next-stop announcement systems on all buses, ensuring your passengers are provided with the right information, at the right time can assist you in ensuring passengers enjoy a relaxed and informed journey.

At 21st Century, its customers have been viewing its range of next-stop and point-of-interest systems and discovering how they can be leveraged to enhance the passenger experience.

Systems can give passengers information on more than the next stop; they can also highlight further upcoming stops and inter-connecting services. A full Content Management System ensures that supporting content, including infotainment and geo-located point of interest content point-of-interest content can be displayed, with the ability to track vehicles and view what content is being shown in real time.  

Additionally, integration with the on-board CCTV ensures that for those areas where a passenger CCTV monitor is mandated, operators do not need to invest in multiple screens.