Pure Air Technology and Clean Air Technology from VDL

VDL has introduced two further products for its Futura coach range to mitigate the risk of virus transmission: Pure Air Technology and Clean Air Technology.

Pure Air Technology – which is exclusive to the VDL Futura – utilises modules within the coach’s ducts to actively ionise the air. They do so by means of plasma cluster ionisers. The treated air then has what VDL says is “such a high ion value that not only viruses but also fine dust and bacteria are rendered harmless.”

The Pure Air system activates automatically when the vehicle is started, guaranteeing constant air cleaning. The ionisation process is harmless to humans and to the environment.

Clean Air Technology, which is also available in the VDL Citea bus range sold in left-hand drive form, allows operators to upgrade the recirculation filters of the climate system to an F7 grade. F7 filters trap up to 90% of particles to size 0.4μm. That can include drops of moisture caused by talking or coughing, which can be the transfer medium for smaller virus particles.

Says Business Manager Coach Range Pieter Gerdingh: “During the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, we have stayed in touch with our customers from the very beginning. We as an industry are jointly responsible for making coach transport as safe as possible and for regaining the trust of passengers.”

Other solutions that VDL has developed for its Futura range are glass partitions for the driver and guide. They can be mounted in the standard partition bulkheads on both sides of the coach and they cover the entire area behind either crew member.

In August VDL established a wholly-owned dealership based in Barnsley, VDL Bus and Coach UK. The Futura range is also sold by Moseley Distributors of Airdrie.