Next step for irtec licensing to be launched

IRTE’s irtec expert working group is discussing the future of the accreditation, which will integrate the new technologies now being introduced to the market.

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Due to be launched within 12 months, the next step of the irtec standard will broaden assessments of skills based on emerging technologies, acknowledging the impact of alternative fuels on maintenance operations.

John Parry (pictured), Chair of the irtec Steering Group, says: “We are now at a point where we feel it is essential to update the irtec standard for technicians in the commercial vehicle, and bus and coach sectors.

“Road transport has been quick to adopt new practices, and it is our job as providers of an industry standard accreditation to ensure that the requirements of the workshop are aligned with the licence.”

Daniel Moir, SOE Head of Operations, says: “We have been listening to industry, and have worked on the progression of the standard extensively. With further consultation we will know how to adapt irtec to meet the fast-evolving conditions of the road transport sector.”

Further consultations with industry will take place before the final, revised version is completed.