ShuttleID launches fourth-anniversary money-back guarantee


Mobile ticketing platform ShuttleID is celebrating its fourth year in business with a 100-day money-back guarantee anniversary offer.

The digital bus pass system for school and staff services was launched in 2019 by director Chris Bell to help Tetley’s Coaches tackle ticket fraud and reduce admin.

After saving Tetley’s an estimated £10,000 in annual revenue loss, the platform has expanded its features and is used by 70 transport operators to make more than six million passenger trips per year.

Although initially launched to help operators sell and issue tickets immediately online, ShuttleID also now allows for bus passes to be issued without payment handling.

Offered through its “Simple” package, this is aimed at operators who receive day rate from their client but want to use the benefits of the platform, such as mobile bus passes, live vehicle tracking, service alerts and passenger reporting.

Last autumn, ShuttleID introduced a free driver app, which submitted live location data to the Bus Open Data Service.

Mr Bell, who expects further growth when the new academic year starts, says: “Operators tell us that the introduction of ShuttleID has been a game-changer to their businesses. Between the benefits of our platform and the personal support we offer, we know that once an operator uses ShuttleID, there is no going back.

“Understandably trying something new can seem daunting, which is why we wanted to make our offer risk-free to operators. Our 100-day money back guarantee is the longest offered by any vendor of a comparable system.”