Ensignbus patronage on the increase in Thurrock

Following your wide-ranging article on the bus patronage issue in England , I was interested to read the large increase in bus patronage in...
Manchester bus franchising

TfGM responds to Manchester bus franchising criticism

I read with interest Mr Tim Gibson’s letter, published in routeone last year. I would, however, like to make a few corrections. Mr Gibson compares...
PSVAR compliance

‘Society cannot afford forced PSVAR compliance’

I am at a loss to find any responsible reason behind the PSVAR legislation, which is covered with gold-plated cobwebs. To implement it now...

A tale of two cities

A lot of my work is carrying school children to various venues, museums and the like. Here are my experiences of two cities in...

Doing Buses Differently – but with a similar outcome?

The OneBus robust reaction to the Manchester “Doing Buses Differently” consultation is unsurprising given the long running obsession that Manchester’s ruling elite has with...

‘Who ordered from Wrightbus? Boris’

I have for a long time held the view that coach and bus magazines should not involve themselves in politics. In regards to last week’s...

Unnecessary waste of time

I just cannot understand why Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) cannot be trained in a sensible way. One of our vehicles developed a fault that brought...
Is City Hall the problem?

London’s toxic air: Can City Hall do the maths?

I read the recent article regarding Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s praise for the 200 electric buses in the capital and lamenting the “shameful...
Driver CPC

Driver CPC: Am I the only one to agree with it?

Am I the only person who agrees with the Driver CPC? Yes, we already know and do the job. But is it not good to...

School PSVAR: What are children’s alternatives?

Having read the editorial about the impact of PSVAR on school services, yet again the law of unintended consequences comes into play in several...
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Spit kit with bus drivers

Spitting at bus drivers being tackled in West Midlands

People caught spitting at a bus drivers or passengers in the West Midlands are increasingly likely to face jail sentences thanks to work by...

Obituary – Douglas Bailey MBE

The UK Bus Driver of the Year Association (BDoY) has announced the death of Douglas Bailey MBE, one of its longest serving council members. Douglas...
CBSSG Restart

CBSSG Restart funding details revealed by DfT

The Department for Transport (DfT) has outlined the terms and conditions of its £254m COVID-19 Bus Service Support Grant (CBSSG) Restart package. CBSSG Restart will...